Dresden: Seattle

Let's Get That Band Back Together

The session began with the group enjoying themselves i a local bar known and the CrowBar. Relaxing and listening to the small band that was playing that night, “Positive Dementia”, the group did not know that they were about to get tangled up in a mess.

Eric had stepped away from the group and stumbled upon a girl that was on the brink of tears, the girl that had been singing with the band. The nice guy that he is he inquired into her troubles. She told him that Daniel, the lead guitarist for the band, had just been hauled away by the cops and that she didn’t know what to do. The police had accused him of being part of the vandalism that had been going on at a construction site in town.

Eric went back to meet up with the others and they all tried to console the girl, who was names Sierra as it turned out. The girl did not have the ability to finish her show without Daniel, and the bar owner came over and started yelling about the work ethic of kids these days. The crew decided that the owner had taken his anger a little to far and (Michael) decided to take the matter into his own hands. Inevitably with (Michael) this means that he had to use some magic, and he decided to hex the bar’s television to cause a distraction. With a flash and a loud noise the bar owner shouted an exclamation and left.

The group made plans on where to go from here. Sierra insisted that Daniel had never been like this before, but that he had been getting into some heavier music lately. The trio briefly considered going to the police station, but they decided that they would not be allowed to meet with a prisoner that they didn’t even know this late at night. From this they decided that they would go check out the construction site.

Recalling some info from the local news, the group heads over to the construction located just north of the Pike Place Market. Doing some initial scouting the party did not find anything too out of the ordinary. There were two private security guards that were backed up by security cameras. There had been a fair amount of damage done by vandals though. Wooden timbers had been burned, things had been knocked over and damaged, and cement bags had been cut open and spilled.

Taking note that these damages all seemed like the work of mundane rather than supernatural delinquents what came next was a surprise. The group found themselves under the attack of a blanket wave of emotion, pushing them to destroy the site. (Michael) and (Rachael) fended the suggestion off well enough with their magical training, but Erik was not so lucky. He felt himself moving to go break some equipment, but tapping to is deep reserves of will he pushed the compulsion off.

The noise of a vehicle driving up the road to the site suggested that more danger might be on the way (Rachael took this opportunity to get the heck out of there, she wasn’t going to do Daniel any good if she wound up next to him in a jail cell, or even worse injured in a hospital. (Michael) and Erik decided they needed to stick around though, and get more information.

The vehicle turned out to be a normal SUV that was speeding up the road. Without slowing down the SUV smashed through the chain link fence and smashed into a stack of building materials causing a lot of damage, it seems that the party wasn’t the only target of the psychic assault.

The two guards ran over and started checking on the driver, pulling their guns in the process. One of the guards also pulled out a cell phone, presumably calling the police or an ambulance. The remaining pair had started to wonder if they had made the right choice in sticking around.

A black van pulled into the site shortly after and a young man in a suit got out. he started yelling orders to the security guards. The guards opened up the SUV and carried the driver into the trailer that was close by. (Michael) decided that he didn’t need to leave any evidence of his being around here and hexes the cameras into scrap. This caused an immediate reaction from the young man in the suit who came back out of the trailer to look around.

Erik quickly called upon his powers, transforming himself into the form of a great bull moose. (Michael) climbed onto his back and the pair escaped into the woods. The man in the suit and the security guards were reluctance to follow past the tree line. Picking up (Rachael) on the way back the group safely made it back into town.

(Michael) decided to consult with his teacher on what had happened in the night. Cranky about being woken up in the middle of the night Alibaster told (Michael) that he shouldn’t be getting involved in stuff like this and that he definitely should not be out hexing things willy-nilly.

Where are we? ...Who are we?
City and Character Creation

Getting together for the first time we set out to created the backdrop for our new campaign.

The City

As the GM I took the initiative to make the first suggestions. I wanted to use something near a coast as I wanted to see what influences the oceans would have on the game. Additionally I was looking to avoid cities we had used in the past. The players threw around some suggestions and eventually decided on Seattle because it had many interesting traits that could be used in the game.

Themes and Threats

In choosing themes and threats I kind of just let the players speak their minds about what they thought would be interesting and what they wanted to see in the game. This resulted in a lot of cool ideas, but many of them proved to be better fodder for single adventures rather than campaign-long concepts. In the end we decided on three that would allow for a maximum amount on influence from the supernatural world, the players were clearly interested in seeing how crazy things could get.


Next we started talking about locations, this started by everyone using their phones and the group computer to pull up interesting facts, images, and attractions in the Seattle area.

The Pike Place Market came up quickly as the players knew about it before any research was done. Upon skimming basic info about the market the players learned that there was a man known as the “king of the market”. This man was also nicknamed “The Codfather”. This tidbit was too interesting to pass up and the group had him pegged as a mafia-style don in no time.

Next was another attraction that Seattle is famous for: The Freemont Troll. Continuing their theme of all-out supernatural presence though the crew decided that he was a face, not simply a location. This led me to suggest that the location could be Freemont. The group agreed and further suggested that freemont could be a place with a lot of crazy fey influence.

Next on the list was a suggestion from me. I wanted a place that the youth of the city could hang out and I could place nightclubs and the like. A quick search on google revealed a location called Bell Town that could be flavored for exactly what I wanted.

Fourth came the suggestion of the famous Space Needle. Looking at the wikipedia article on the structure we found a picture of one of the engineers for the project: Victor Steinbruek. One glance at him and we all decided that he was clearly a magic user, and by turning him into a warlock we ensured that the location would have some interesting story tie-ins.

Our fifth location took a little more thought. We began by searching for more giant attractions in the city and found the Seattle Great Wheel, a giant ferris wheel on Pier 57. I made a comment that a ferris wheel may not have the most story potential in the long run, so we expand the location to include the whole pier. To us, ferris wheel screamed carnival, and carnies screamed changelings.

The next place we created to account for all of the wilderness that surrounds the city. We simply chose one of the state parks, ending on Olympus State Park because it had a giant mountain and that’s cool. Since we had already created two locations that had fey populations the group decided that shapeshifters were demanded. A look at the local wildlife led us to bears as the most interesting option.

The second to last location was based on a giant corporation based out of Seattle: Starbucks. The suggestion was to use the original Starbucks as the location. Thinking more about the theme of this place we associated things like addiction, rampant growth, and power seeking. These things all seemed to point towards Red Court vampires. As a base for vampires I decided that a single store was likely to be a little lacking, so we changed it to the Starbucks HQ. There was some call for a massive underground base, which I had a hard time seeing as a likely scenario, but who knows what those vampires have going on in that base?

The last location was left up to Michael as he had not had the lead roll in a pick yet. He looked around for some options for a White Court vampire presence and decided on a destination wedding resort. Thornewood Castle would be a resort run by a smaller house of the White Court. Using the themes of weddings there is the potential for two sources of feeding: lust and despair.


I tried to stay hands-off during character creation providing only suggestions on how to reach the goals the players were trying to get to.

The party started by thinking very macro to make sure they were not going to overlap too much. Michael came out of the gate gung-ho to play a wizard. Rachael was split between a shapeshifter and a changeling. Geddy decided he would prefer to play a shifter so Rachael chose fey to keep things interesting.

From here I kind of just let them write their stories and aspects and give each other suggestions resulting in the following party:

  • Michael is an upstart young wizard with more power than he may know how to use responsibly.
  • Rachael is a kitsune changeling from and adopted household trying to find where she fits in.
  • Geddy is a nomad were-moose, far from home and trying to get use to his powers.

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