What is Dresden: Seattle about?

This game is set in the Dresden-verse, in the city and surrounding area of Seattle, WA. Much of the universe from the books is going to be used, but I will edit what I feel is necessary to make the world better or more interesting for a game rather than a novel. This includes whether or not specific characters exist as NPC’s or even if groups have the same relationships with each other.

The basic premises for the campaign is going to revolve around a couple main themes:

Escalation of Multiple Power Groups Within the City

Many powers were set in place during our group’s city creation session. A mafia-like family runs the Pike Place Market, a changeling circus is on Pier 57, a warlock lord has holed up in the Space Needle, the white court runs a wedding destination resort, and the red court is involved with the business operations of Starbucks. There are even more people and groups within the city and surrounding area, but these are the ones known to be seeking more power.

Who needs to be stopped? Who should be helped? Are there allies to be found among the potential foes?

Where Do We Fit In?

Among the party so far is a changeling woman from an adopted family, a were-moose musician who left his family and home behind, and a budding wizard who wants to use his power for good.

These three will all have to come to terms with their powers as they learn were they fit in with the powers that be. Is it their responsibility to stop evil before it harms the innocent? Or should they be more concerned with looking out for themselves and staying out of the line of fire? Even if they do decide to work for the cause of good, do they possess the strength to make a difference?

Dresden: Seattle